Whooping Cough Tests
Pulse Whooping Cough DFA provides a simple and cost effective indentification and colour based differentiation of B. pertussis and B. parapertussis with cultures and/or direct naspharyngeal smears. The reagent imports a green (fluarescein) fluarescence of B. pertussis and red-orange (rhadamine) fluorescence to B. parapertussis.

Benefits of Pulse Whooping Cough DFA include:
  • Purified monoclonal antibodies ensure high specificity, less false positives, low background floresence and minimal cross reactivity;
  • Reduced labour demand and decreases diagnostic turnaround time since reagent is pre-diluted (ready to use);
  • Efficient testing method - only takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the test;
  • One smear screening cleary differentiates between both B. pertussis and B. parapertussis;
  • Both tests are in one vial;
  • Each vial contains sufficient reagent for forty smears.

Pulse Whooping Cough DFA is registered far in vitro diagnostic use and is used in over sixty hospitals and health centers in North America.