Sterilization Indicators (Biological and Chemical)

Biological Indicators

The Biological Indicators (BI) are produced by Mesalabs from the U.S.A.
Purpose of BI - determine the success or failure of any sterilization cycle.
Formats - available as spore strips, glass ampoules, EZTESTā„¢ or other styles.
Types of BI - for Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Gamma Radiation, E-Beam, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Dry Heat sterilization processes.
Other Products - Spore suspensions, Incubators, and customization.

Chemical Indicators

The Chemical Indicators (CI) are produced by Etigam from the Netherlands.
Purpose of CI - a visual indicator to indicate if a product has passed through a sterilization process.
Formats - available as round sticker, meto-gun shape or customization.
Types of CI - for Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Gamma Radiation, E-Beam sterilization processes.

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